Pillow Hostel

Pillow Hostel is co-founded by a group of people with plentiful enthusiasm in enjoying life and traveling. No matter wherever you’re from, no matter you are backpackers, working-holidays travelers, city tourists, having graduation or family trip to our capital city, Taipei, in Taiwan. You are definitely welcomed!

We are located so closed by Taipei Main Station, and here is the main
transaction of MRT, Railways, and High Speed Rail. You also can explore the city with convenient transportation facilities, like U-Bike, cabs. Let your fun trips begin, and enjoy the every single adventure in this city.

You can just move your steps to the Social Hall to meet new friends from whole over the world. Let the conversations begin!

After a long day, Pillow Hostel is alike your second home overseas. You can recharge yourself at night and get refreshed in the morning. Start your day with new friends, having free breakfast and cup of coffee.

​As our one of the out-standing features, we provide three different flex types of pillows for your different preferences. Make a date for your pleasant city tour!